Perception Is Reality

Easy Job?

Posted on: September 10, 2007

You know what I (and professionals in general) dislike? When someone says it should be an easy job. Especially when they want the work done for close to nothing. I’m sure at one time or the other, we have all come across people who do not understand the time, effort and aesthetics that goes into a certain task. Just by looking at something or how it’s done, doesn’t mean one knows how to “do it”. That is why one comes to someone who is well-versed, skilled, and required for the task at hand.

 Let me explain: I was going over a freelancer job listings today and I read this:

“My website form on <website goes here>, needs validation to stop spam, also a CAPTCHA field. If at all possible it would also be good to fix the size to be correct on all screen sizes. This should be a simple job for someonw who understands HTML,javascript and PHP.”

And the maximum accepted bid is $50 USD. Now I know that may be alot of money to some people, and for some it is just portfolio building, but for the love of all things holy (and technological), please do not take away from an individual’s worth and knowledge by saying it should be easy. That is very, very degrading, especially for those who love what they do.

 So here’s a note to everyone who does (and does not) read this: Please do not do that. Maybe if we all respect (or try to) other people for their capability, we won’t have people like me ranting on about something no one cares about. But if you’re going to go ahead and do it anyway, more for me to write about!

Happy blogging!


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