Perception Is Reality

Current Round-up of Pakistan’s Condition

Posted on: November 4, 2007

Note: This is going to be very unprofessional and roughly transcribed.

 – PCO imposed due to Judiciary’s action against Executive and for working against War-on-Terror
– Only 4 Judges from Supreme Court take oath under new PCO
– 16 Judges in Lahore refuse to take oath
– 23 Judges refuse to take oath in Sigh High Court, only four take oath under PCO
– CJ of Peshawar High Court refused to take PCO oath
– 17 Judges Full Court Bench is now announced for Current Situation
– Top Generals are meeting General Musharraf in President House
– General Musharraf will perform “Meray Azeez Hum Watano” at 11:00 PST
– Police surround Imran Khan’s residence
– Aitezaz arrested
– Judges of Sindh High Court ordered to report to Governor House for new PCO oath
– Police surrounds house of Aitzaz Ahsan’s house
– Mobile phones shutdown in Islamabad by orders of National Security Council
– Supreme Court emergency session suspends PCO – Geo TV
– Suspension of 1973 Constitution is Martial Law – Dr. Shahid Masood
– 1973 Constitution Suspended in Pakistan
– ARMY Enters Supreme Court – Chief Justice Supreme Court Iftikhar Chauhdry fired by Army
– Emergency to be only imposed on Judiciary and Media – Geo TV
– Musharraf to perform “Meray Azeez Hum Watano” tonight
– Emergency Bar council meetings announced
– 30 minutes deadline given to all cable operators in Pakistan to stop Private TV Channels – ARY
– Roads to Judges colony in Islamabad blocked – ARY
– TV channels shutdown in Pakistan – ARY

Musharraf’s Speech

-pakistan is at a dangerous turn.
-internal stress.
-painful, important decision.
-if action not taken immediately, pakistan in danger.
-one promise: what ever i do, whatever decision i have taken, first and foremost taken on the foundation of pakistan. Pakistan first.
-above personal gains, considerations, pakistan first.
-Entire country thinks along the same lines.
-Past few months, Pakistan has faced many circumstances.
-Frankly speaking: fundamentalism, terrorism, suicide bombings all over pakistan at its edge.
-no one scared of law enforcement agencies.
-Sadly, all of this is also happening in the HEART of pakistan, Islamabad.
-trying to take rit of government. Govt. within a govt.
-Fundamental ideologies being imposed.
-In my view, this is a direct attack on Pakistan’s principles.
-Grave conditions.
-Government situation: semi-paralysis. All senior govt. officials taking rounds of courts. Being punished. Being embarassed in the courts.
-Therefore, they are not taking any decision. 100 suo-moto cases in the supreme court and 1000s of applications. All cases are concerned with govt executives.
-Law enforcement agencies: demoralized, particularly in Islamabad. No hope, lost hope: all officers being punished by the supreme court. 10 officers convicted. scared of action.
-Democracy: obstacles. 3 stage transition was proposed towards democracy. From failed, defaulted state. stage 1: 99-02 total control. Stage 2: 02-07 Democratic system, elected govts, senate, assemblies, etc.
-Overseen by Musharraf, governed by the democracy. Made a record, every institution completed their term. Last Stage of this transition: Was certain when assemblies finish their tenure, there will be presidential elections.
then general elections. Then elected govt. Political reconciliation. FULL democracy. I had hoped for this.
-Unfortunately, some elements are trying to interefere, causing obstacles, not allowing this even though all the time has passed, only a few months were left. Purposely, for personal political gain.
-With great sadness, I have to say We were going towards success and now everything indicates we’re going downwards, but I am still trying to stop.
-Investors, so much money coming in, has stopped. They are looking if Pakistan is going to be stable or should be establish somewhere else. 7 years of imrprovement, infrastructure, telecomm, IT, building and construction.
-Social sector: education and health: success based on this, unfortunately, god forbid, this hard work doesnt get washed.
-Based on all of these reasons, the country has become a victim of unhappiness.
-I am being mocked. I have been listening to this. Watching in disbelief. I had hoped that we will rise above all of the hardships. This has not happened. Conditions becoming worse.
-In media, I would like to say that even media (some channels) and some programs have contributed to this negativism, downslide. I am sad because this is the same media who I gave independance to. Only PTV existed.
Media needed to be independent. I asked to stop negativism. They can be independent but be responsible.
-I ask the entire country why this happened. I think this is because of judicial activism. The lawmakers are being challenged.
-On recommendation of the primeminister I sent supreme judicial council against the CJ. I had no personal gains. But i was pointed but I did not say anything but those events lead to this situation.
if one of us make a mistake, does not mean the whole country should be destabilized
above my ego, for stability of pakistan and its institutions, i accepted this decision.
-Thank you for giving me 57% of the votes for Presidential elections. But the case in the court still stuck. No judgement. Date keeps on slipping forward. Cloud of uncertainty.
-This country is in my heart, in my soul. I cannot watch it slide down.
-Time for action: Surveyed the entire situation. in this three pillar state, Judiciary, Executive, Legislation we need harmony.

Nawaz on Musharraf’s Speech
Shed all his anger on the supreme court.
Worse than Martial Law because attack on judiciary system.
Declared emergency because he thought that the judiciary would cast a decision against him.
Decision will be maked within 90 days.
If judges not allowed to enter supreme court, sit under a tree and make decisions.


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