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Geo TV Shutdown

Posted on: November 17, 2007

Geo TV has been shut down by Pakistani President, Pervez Musharraf at 1:00 a.m. according to Geo TV’s website.Geo said, “Pervez Musharraf himself intervened to stop all GEO news transmissions from Dubai…

“Popular news anchors came on Geo News around midnight Pakistan time to announce that their channel had been ordered to go off the air as result of the continued deadlock between the Pakistani authorities and the media channels, following the imposition of the emergency in the country.”

“Geo News was shut down because it had refused to budge. After six years of objective and highly professional telecasts, which earned the channel the honour of being the most popular TV channel, the Government of Pakistan put it off the air on Nov 4 after emergency was imposed.”

While it is debatable as to whether or not Geo was, in fact objective, it was the most popular TV channel both at home and abroad.

“The authorities in the host country had to ask the Geo News to stop its telecast from their up-linking station under excruciating pressure coming from the Government of Pakistan without considering its long-term adverse impact on the image of the host country. “

Inside sources of Design, Photograph, Communicate have said that the Dubai government shutdown Geo TV because they were broadcasting unauthorized transmissions which were categorized as a risk to national stability of Pakistan. The order had therefore been passed where both Geo and ARY (which were shutdown on Friday, November 17th) will have to accept and adhere to the strict Code of Conduct set by the government of Pakistan. The source said that doing so, the channels were allowed to come online at anytime they want. However, both ARY and Geo face heavy fines from the Dubai and Pakistani governments.


Another source said, “The authorities in Dubai had asked the GEO and ARY networks to close down their operations and cease transmission from Dubai Media City by Midnight on Friday. the networks had been given NO REASON for this move.”


Sorry for the rather continuous updates, but there was a minor fix: It is not just Geo News which has been banned, it is all channels operated by the Geo network in Dubai including the Geo Sports channel. A source, Pk Politics states that Geo is still available to view online.


1 Response to "Geo TV Shutdown"

Working of GEO is appreciable but in the world of today, there is nothing “Revolutionary” !!

Shouldn’t you’ve stopped / controlled your transmission, as told & warned many times; you would be going like other channels; and there wouldn’t have any need to place Goolge Ads on your website !!!!

I am really sorry for what happened but unfortunately, in Pakistan, nobody can survive through extensive army force !

Geo ya maro – geo or genay do – koi farq nahi parta !

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