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Media In Pakistan: An Interesting Observation

Posted on: November 19, 2007


I noticed something very interesting recently. I went to the Geo website and it had a link to the Jang website which was covering the Geo TV shutdown and what the international media was saying. It also had a bulletin about Geo Super. I do have to agree that shutting down the Geo TV entertainment channels such as Geo Super is not really fair. I also noticed that Geo had cross linked to The Jang and its various other services (Jang Multimedia, Jang Searchable, Jang Blog) and The News.

I am happy to see this solidarity between all the media giants in Pakistan and how they are all together. Not something we see often. Just an observation. Also, for the cricket scores, Dawn’s website has them live as far as I can tell at the bottom of the navigation bar. Interesting.

 Stay strong, Pakistan, we’re only reaching the eye of the storm.


From WeCite:

Gulf News has reported that Pakistan’s Geo TV has said it has been given the go-ahead to recommence hourly news bulletins on its entertainment channel in the Middle East, the UK and the US, but not in Pakistan. It is unclear if the permission for the broadcasts has come from the Pakistani government…”

Update 2

From ArabianBusiness

“Al Rustamani said both GEO and ARY were respected business partners in Dubai. “Our relationship with them has been strong and friendly. We are in discussion with them in regard to the telecast of their news components and we are confident we will resolve this matter in the best way possible to protect their interests and those of the UAE” she told Wam.”


7 Responses to "Media In Pakistan: An Interesting Observation"

Thank you for the mention. We are going to add your blog to our BLOGROLL as well. Looking forward to more information sharing from our blogs 🙂

WeCite Management

Ofcourse. I will be doing the same in about 20 seconds 🙂

the media has been together for a while now, they were united under the banner of “criticize musharraf to death – no matter what”. Not saying that Musharraf is not to be criticized for what he has done and is doing, only saying that the media has played its part in bringing us to the situation which we are in now. The media has been, at times, ir-responsible in its reporting and on a subtle level been doing a bit of hate mongering. The media is controlled, unfortunately its not as independent as one might think. The people who control it have a weapon far more superior to a nuclear bomb. A nuclear bomb is just a threat, the media is a weapon that is used every day right under the nose of the person who’s being attacked. The media in Pakistan is controlled by elements who have a vested political and financial interest in changing the status quo of the country.

I also liked the GEO News Channel. I liked it while it was there but for the good of this country if there were conflicts of interests between the Government and the Geo News Channel, I am happily foregoing my wish to see Geo.
I am getting even now very good news and all kinds of views from various other television channels of Pakistan.

I feel that Geo should give up its aggressive and confrontational path- its hostile and haughty lord-of-the-media attitude.
It is our duty to get behind the government and give it a helping hand. Those of us who understand what can bring progress to this country actually will do exactly that.

They are there in the government because it is there time, which they have earned with difficulty and hard work. They will not allow others to impede and threaten them. Naturally they will act to stop those who will try to destabilize them.

Therefore, it is in the common interest that Geo stops acting up and starts a better approach, which can lead to peace for all.

what an excellent post – a fresh alternative view from what the media empire gurus are forcing us to believe

I have to sincerely thank all of you for your opinions. I’m happy to see that for once, people are not scared to express their views which are for the government. I have to agree strongly with Selma Seth and A silhouette in the shadows. THank you both. And as usual, thanks for commenting Raza 🙂

GEO TV is part of what is known as “Jang Group.” It’s not a business but a virtual entitity.

Initially when the Mush govn issued TV channel licences, papers were NOT supposed to co-own TV channels, so GEO was created under a separate corporate name. But Jang = Geo with slight overlaps in staff/organization – otherwise independent of each other.

But of course Jang backs Geo up. Geo was built on Jang’s strength.

As for the prohibition on papers owning TV channels, I believe that was lifted earlier this year or before.

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