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Block Posters: Create Any Size Wall Posters From Any Size Images

Posted on: November 21, 2007

So it was time I wrote about something related to photography. I came across a website quite a while ago called Block Posters. As the title suggests, you can create any size wall poster from any size images. From the smallest image, you may make a larger poster for your wall. The system essentially enlarges your image to the size that you want it to, breaks or “slices” the large image onto the print paper size you choose (A4, A3, etc.) and provides you with a Adobe Acrobat PDF file with the sliced images. When you put them all together, they form one big poster.

Step 1: Upload Your Image

Clicking this link on the website will take you to an upload option where you may upload the file of your choice. The maximum file size you may upload is 1mb, however, the dimensions may be as large as you have them, so long as the size does not exceed 1mb. So browse for the file and click the upload button. It may take a while depending on your internet speed.

Step 2: Slice Your Image


There is amazing flexibility here. The paper size you may choose for it to print on are either A4 or Letter size (US). The larger you want the image, the more sheets of papers you will have to use. The default I get everytime is 4 pages. At the bottom, it will show you the approximate size of the final poster that you will put up. You may go pretty wide. The following file had a maximum of 10 pages in width and 5 pages in height. Please choose wisely as to whether you want it to print in Landscape or Portrait format as this significantly affects the number of pages to be printed.

Step 3: Download Images

Here the system gives you a link to a PDF file that you may download for your use. Print these off individually, combine the slices (using tape on the back or pasting them individually on the wall using sticky tack or any other method you find convenient or efficient).

Art Ideas

You may use this service to print off a photograph, illustration or company logo. You may print out a wedding photograph, or a newborn baby’s. Even photographs of any movie you love, or a quote. Decorate your children’s wall with images from a cartoon or their favorite stuff toy. Hey, decorate your kitchen with pictures of fruit or just your room with a picture of yourself.

Experiment with having pixelated final images, or gridded images. You may paste them straight on your wall or frame them. Try seeing if you can achieve an effect where you cut the image in different shapes to make them look more artsy.



This service is free. The only thing you’re technically paying for is printing paper and ink.
You may experiment in different ways to come up with creative ideas. You are pretty much free to do whatever you want, however you want.


There may be copyright issues if the image isn’t yours.
It gets tedious to cut out the white borders of the images if you want a perfect final poster.
If the alignment messes up and the printing is slightly tilted for one “slice,” it takes away from the overall look.

If you get a chance to use this service, please post a link to your art piece in the comments box 🙂



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