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Reference to: vidTO: Passenger Loses It at 30,000 ft.

Posted on: December 16, 2007

This is what I’m talking about: vidTO: Passenger Loses It at 30,000 ft.

Now I ordinarily believe that blogTO is probably one of the better things that has happened to Canada, but the article/video by Adam Schwabe was perhaps the most pissing off thing ever.

Schwabe says that the passenger loses it completely mid air, claiming that the passenger was “screaming obscenities and yelling “shoot me!” and “fucking white people!” while being restrained by those around him.”

Sure. ONCE! to the END of the video that clocks in at 4:01. After the third minute, more generally. Look at the guy: He’s saying “shoot me” and I agree he’s chanting expletives, but why would Schwabe make the term “fucking white people” at the end the most important phrase? The individual is being restrained by semi-composed men, who are scared of a person of asian descent? He doesn’t get water until he calms down, so says the nice gentleman restraining him and promising that no one’s going to shoot him. When the dark skinned individual tries to take off his restraining cable ties, the same individual stops him, putting them back on.

“Shoot me,” he says. Perhaps, he’s seen all the air marshals and police officers brutally murder (albeit, perhaps, accidentally) individuals using taser guns, and is scared shitless.

Why was he scared shitless? Perhaps, the first time he’s flying? Who wouldn’t lose their nads in a confined space?

Schwabe has a right to his opinion, and I am not discounting his article for being leftist or racist. But for the sake of argument, Schwabe says, “I can’t imagine that the flight crew would break out the plastic hand restraints…without some kind of unexpected and potentially dangerous behaviour.”

Okay. So if the man was a danger, say a terrorist threat? He wouldn’t be alone. The plan would be thoroughly orchestrated and the individual would certainly have accomplices. But remember the muslim men in Arizona who were asked to unboard an aircraft because they were speaking Arabic (and whadaya know, Arabic has sharp tones and excessive phlemy speech)? Ofcourse, there’s this bias that exists, this fear that looms, and thats completely natural. But this is just ridiculous.


6 Responses to "Reference to: vidTO: Passenger Loses It at 30,000 ft."

You know what? I totally agree with you. There’s a lot of activity in the video, so where I chose to pull the choice quotes from the guy and scribe them was a call I had to make. I guess it’s matter of perspective. I never stated that “fucking white people” was the “most important phrase” though, that’s how *you* interpreted my writing.

I can see what you think I was trying to do though. Granted, this is a touchy subject, but I think you’d have a hard time saying that what I wrote was biased in any way or racist in any way.

I posed the question from both sides since the facts are *not* clear – maybe there’s a reason why they broke out the restraints, and at the same time, maybe there was some incendiary comment made by another passenger to set this guy off.

I’m glad you disagree, and I’m glad that you’re vocalizing it – that’s why I do what I do, and I love getting feedback.

What I don’t get is where you get off attacking my character, “Adam, you’re an asshole. AND a bad reporter. and I’m not sorry I said that.” I just wish you’d written in the comments what you said here instead of resorting to personal attacks.

Now that you put it that way, Adam, I’m sorry. I agree I got personal. Funny how I said “I’m not sorry I said that”

What set me off was, I guess your choice of phrases to pull out for your article. Granted, you know what I thought you were trying to do; you should then grant me (perhaps?) the fact that you may have picked out those lines because they reflected your view about how colored people look at white people? (BTW, if white is not a color, why is black? ūüôā )

Thanks Adam.

P.S. I’m adding your personal blog to my RSS feed. Hope thats okay.

No I can understand that. And believe me, by the nature of this video, I was aware going in that I might get this kind of response so I was trying to be tactful instead of tacky about it. It’s a fine line with such sensitive material.

The quotes I chose in no way reflect my view of how colored people perceive white people, so I hope that’s not how it came across. Again, I did my best to not cross the line with this post, but it’s a tricky one

Mainstream media are likely going to go that route once this story gets legs, which is almost inevitable at this point, so I thought I’d open it up for discussion before that happened and get a dialog going.

Unfortunately it looks like people didn’t take too well to the idea in general, which is ok, it happens from time to time.

Thanks for taking the time to comment, and yeah by all means, link away.

Take care,

thanks man. appreciate your response:)


Funny how everyone is quick to make judgement without looking at the entire picture. Take it in any way that you like – I’m sure you all will formulate a meaning to this the way you see fit anyhow.

Great Point of View. Is that really your name? Now I can’t ask you what you meant.

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