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In Other News and

Posted on: December 17, 2007

So, the post below this invited quite a number of readers. Wonder why I get no comments.

So this is perhaps the 10th time I try taking a domestic flight and something comes up. This time, it was the weather. But that lady at the counter was really beautiful. Made my day. Terrible weather in Montreal, I gotta tell you.

I bought a bunch of domains over the past two or three weeks, my favorite being I thought it was funny so I bought it. Here’s a list of the other domains:


Who wants one? For free*

*that was a joke…


3 Responses to "In Other News and"

Are you domain squatting? Evil evil man…

That, also, was a joke. Love that URL. You can have some fun with that.

come on, let a brother make some money 😛

but yeah i dont wann sell off its so cool. dont know what to do with it yet though.

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