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Don’t Tase Me, Bro

Posted on: December 31, 2007


Funny thing, society. It is mechanical, following the same routing over and over again. We’re accultured to this. Anything out of the ordinary, breaking through the monotones stays with us, echoing in our lives. This is just an example. We usually take stuff like this for granted, consider it something funny, but what is really going on here?


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Tabish, this is good. She’s a good painter and worth the mention. I had opportunity to meet her few days ago and if you wannt, you can publish this on your blog. I got this info from Raza Rumi’s blog. Goodgle Shaheen Sultan Dhanji and this is the art. Thanks, Nageeb

Shaheen Sultan Dhanji’s art
Bordering between abstract and socio-political, Shaheen Sultan Dhanji’s photography, painting and writings are at once striking to readership. Her art transforms the humble into amazing objects of desire.

Sultan’s large scale of black and white photographs are at once contemporary, mingled with socio-political messages. Themes of war, poverty, women and sanitation, globalisation and various pressing subjects are provocatively captured on film. She has had some of her works exhibited in Ottawa and Toronto Canada.

Luminous yet subtle abstract and figurative paintings reveal a fusion cultural influences, and experiences endured in Sultan’s journey in assmililating between life in Africa and North America.

Her art punctuates and pierces a wave of questions of human dignity, colossal loss of wars, life of a courtesan and major other social themes. Sultan is senstive to light and colour. Her work can be classified with using strong oil base, and lots of blues, yellows, red and burnt orange.

Apart from visual art, Sultan is a writer for several newspaper. Her subjects include politics, literature, poetry and eastern philosophy. She does not shy away in dialoguing concerns facing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention the genocides in Congo. A constant worker, Sultan is convinced that tenacity and perserverance are the deepest, firmest pillars to create the enigma out there.

Yes and she’s also a talented writer, I read some of her writings and political essays. Good. Where can I find more info on her and her art?

Mian Mir Shah, who are you referring to? Shaheen Dhanji?

Sir Tabish,
Yes. I’m referring to Shaheen Sultan Dhanji. I’m from Kabul Afghanistan and want to know where to find Shaheen Sahiba. Thank you Sir.

Mian Saahib, you may find Shaheen’s art at:

I will also let her know that you asked to know more. Maybe she will be able to contact you personally.

Thank you for your interest.

I met Shaheen and she’s also beautiful and smart woman. Met at the African Socialist meeting and she is good speaker. Good rold model for the people of Africa and world youth. Her art is so good!
Best success to Shaheen and we’re proud of her.

Abu Sadik Hassan

The review of Shaheen Sultan Dhanji is great but needs more. No doubt that she’s into politics especially socialism and Fidel Castro. I know her very well to say she’s fun in parties and good host and very clean.


Don’t block me, bro

Good site. That’s really good to know and she’s good at presenting also. I’ve heard her in an economic forum in Toronto.
Bro, she’s also good looking and uses high diction at seminars.

Abeer Rahman

Shaheen Sultan Dhanji, this is wonderful. Since I read your articles and poetry, you’ve won my heart. keep up.

Gill Preet

Yeah Shaheen is a good artist. She’s very focused on global issues and states that her works.

Destogate, good photography you do!

Nice review. Great site!

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