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Flickr Is Having A Massage

Posted on: January 12, 2008


 How many of you can see hotlinks to Flickr, but when you click the image, it shows you this beautiful message about Flickr having a massage? I didn’t know Flickr was a person. Or a dog maybe. Or the company just got really rich and is giving out free massages to its employees.

Either way, here’s the drill from the Flickr Blog:

We started on a database upgrade and a few alters to the database structure last night. Given our scale, work like this takes a long time, and makes a definite impact on site performance.You may have noticed today that the site is having lots of hiccups and that behaviour is generally pretty erratic. So, we’ve decided to take the site offline help things settle down. We’re anticipating a couple of hours is all we need at this point, so, we’re hoping to be back online around 4:30 PST.Sorry about this! It will be one of those massages that ‘hurts so good’ and we’ll post updates here as we have them.

What does this mean for everyone?

1. No, your account is not deleted.
2. Your account and its data is safe (or so I like to believe). But considering the restructuring of the database, this may not be the case. Let’s hope they have a backup.
3. The Flickr servers are doing fine since you can still see the massage (message).
4. As you can note from the blog, the Flickr administrators can still post, we can also see their photographs on the blog but its the same issue: when we click them, they taunt us with how good a massage they must be having in this cold weather.

Does Flickr run its own spa? Maybe Google should too. Maybe it does. Here’s another one: Does Flickr have direct access to your data? It’s funny how most traditional businesses can upgrade their systems when their offices close at 5:30 pm, except online businesses such as Flickr where transactions take place every second and news spreads like wildfire. Is this a drawback of the internet age? 

If anyone knows how long this has been going on, please post it here and I will update the blog. If you have any other news, let me know please.

Interesting Questions to Ask Yourself About Flickr

1. Why is the r in flickr pink? Why is the rest blue?
2. Why does it say “Loves you” on top of the logo?
3. Why is the “TM” sign pink too? Is flickr run by girls?
4. Is Flickr really revolutionary? What about
5. Why is the flickr icon two circles, one being pink and the other blue? They look like balls.
6. Do you think flickr is full of itself when it says it is “almost certainly the best…” ?
7. Why is there only one male post to the flickr blog? George Oates has written two posts. The rest are by girls Maya Baratz and Heather Champ. Is this a controversy to take over the internet?

Flickr is a revolution in photo storage, sharing and organization, making photo management an easy, natural and collaborative process. Get comments, notes, and tags on your photos, post to any blog, share and more!


15 Responses to "Flickr Is Having A Massage"

check out

it’s like Facebook and Flickr is like Myspace.

@genesiawilliams has obviously never used Flickr or she would never have suggested Snapfish. Snapfish and Flickr serve different markets. How would I link my blog to photos on Snapfish?

I ahve not used flickr as far as linking photos to the blog, but what I noticed was what I wrote down. I like the sites (snapfish and flickr) to give and have (respectively) access to others, I didn’t know you could link the blog to your personal stash.

so thank you Khurt.

what exactly is shapfish?

flickr is a great place for people who love photography to network, learn some new tricks, and sort the inevitable library of images that anyone with a digital camera will amass. there are extensive photo-publishing services available, using the intuitve content management style that flickr does very well. i am also able to easily use my images on my blog, as well as distribute them in privately accessible accounts to clients who may wish to manage their own printing and distribution choices.

as a long-time member, flickr’s massages are rarely cause for concern. because of the high quality of networking ability and content that the site provides, i can handle the occasional downtime needed to keep such a site operating well.

take the time to explore flickr, and you will find a wide range of photographic ability, with a great many talented amateur shutterbugs who are able to connect and share feedback in a very positive and inter-connected environment.


Thank you for the information. Flickr’s had massages before? 😛 I honestly did not know that. Flickr reminds me of DeviantART and what it used to be. DeviantART is no longer the community it was. I guess that’s because it has grown so much and has done really little to integrate itself into other aspects of the web such as blogs and the like. This is what flickr has done and this is why flickr rocks your socks in a box. I signed up on flickr a few weeks ago, but I guess no one’s found me yet 😦 On the other hand, randomly, people do find you on deviantART.

Hey Tabish,

That’s a standard Flickr error message. In fact, Flickr has been one web company that has been the most innovative with the ways they present information to their users…whether it being “having the hiccups” for short outages or “massages” for longer outages, Flickr has always been impressive in the way they interact openly with their users. You should see what they do on International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Haha Vasta, I honestly did not know. I’m marking that day on my calendar 😀

well… not to make things “worse,” but George is a woman

now how would I have known that Heather? 😛

yeah I kinda dropped the ball on the shapfish thing…


You could have asked me Tabish. I knew George was a woman. =)

But waaaaaaaaait a minute. Heather Champ reads your blog? Heather Champ is one of my heroes! I am jealous to the max!

Vasta, you’re supposed to tell me BEFOREEE hand 😛 I think she hates me now though, considering she wrote “worse” in inverted commas. I dont think she grasped the humor. For the record, I love ladiessss!! 😛

She doesn’t hate you. Heather is awesome. She got the joke, and I don’t think she’s capable of hate. She’s just all sorts of awesome.

lol I hope so! 🙂

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