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Police At York University

Posted on: January 18, 2008

Photo By Tabish Bhimani

Is it a surprise that I see 5 police cars at York University on the 17th of January, 2008 At around 4:00 PM near Vari Hall? Yes. There was recently a sexual assault in the Founders College at York University, and since then York has stepped up its security. Along with adding 22 more members to its security team, it is expanding its network of CCTV cameras to all the residence building exits. As well, a Property Watch Officer (PWO) will accompany all porters between 7:30 PM and continue until 7:30 AM, signing in guests and trying to keep the buildings safe. Police officers have also been asked to patrol the campus for a few days (both in uniform, and civilian clothing).

But this did come as a surprise. I’m guessing someone pulled the fire alarm, since most of the occupants of the building were lined up outside, presumably waiting for the Fire Dept. to give an all-clear sign. A Fire Prevention At York van was also seen on the sight.

The above picture does not include the 5 police vehicles as two pulled out just as I moved to take the above picture.


4 Responses to "Police At York University"

wow crazy stuff!

way too many perverts at york

What can one expect when you place a University in an area like Jane and Finch. Not so say that I have any feelings of hatred or dislike for the area. However, it is notorious for its crime and poverty.

walterv, Jane and Finch was placed around York University, not vice versa. York was surrounded by fields at its inception.

I got this same incident from a couple different angles, I think I was nearly in your shot ūüėõ was taken when they first arrived and parked, if you view the larger size on Flickr you can sort of see the small huddle of police and security staff in front of Vari on the right side. was taken immediately preceding the alarm, and let me tell you, nothing will get you off a York rooftop faster than an evacuation alarm. :-S is after the alarm, you can tell by the crowd of people now in front of Vari.

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