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Innovative Technological Convergence

Posted on: February 20, 2008

An important aspect I have recently come to understand about technological convergence is the innovation factor. Often, when a gadget or device incorporates several different tools, it brings about synergy, opening a hallway to a completely different use than intended or at least, expected. What is even more interesting is when several gadgets’ innovative use brings yet another synergy effect. This, I would like to call the super-synergy effect. Let me demonstrate: Combine the very talked about iPhone and not so talked about Nintendo DS, and what do you get? Music. More specifically, the iBand. Two softwares for the iPhone, namely PocketGuitar and iAno and a software for the DS called Electroplankton come together to form beautiful experimental music which holds great promise. What happened here is that two devices with possibly no relation to the other have created super-synergy. The DS allows one to play both games and create music; the iPhone, among other things allows you to make phone calls and create music as well. The following is the result:

Here is an article by Gizmodo about the iBand. What do you think of the possibilities of both the iBand, and innovation with technological convergence?


1 Response to "Innovative Technological Convergence"

saw this clip at gixzmodo, but i would have to say you saying nintendo ds is quite talked about, and many consider it bettere than the psp itself

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