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An Email from Malcolm Gladwell

Posted on: March 27, 2008

So, I read an article by Malcolm Gladwell for one of my Advertising and Society course readings. I was really impressed at the unconventional, non-academic way of writing to get the point across, so I sent him an e-mail to give him my salutations and kudos. Turns out, he actually replied! Malcolm replied! You know what? That made my day! I just wanted to let people know đŸ˜€ Or voice my thoughts đŸ˜€


5 Responses to "An Email from Malcolm Gladwell"


Are you kiddin’?

Congrats! Malcolm really is an awesome guy, isn’t he? You should see him speak live: amazing!

He really is amazing! I googled “Malcom Gladwell email address” and found this..That’s really cool! I am a writer and I saw him live! He is amazing, but so are you all! Anyway, he’s so intelligent, he must have at least a 140 iq…and I am learning so much from his “Tedtalks” on youtube…Could I please get his email? The one where he personally responds? I HATE when I write to another writer and they have their secretary answer..God bless Malcom for that !

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Where can I write to him

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