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CUPE 3903 Goes On Strike

Posted on: November 6, 2008

Unofficial reports have confirmed that the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) 3903 have ratified to go on strike on a vote at 71.7% at 10:55 PM on Wednesday the 5th of November. This decision will effect the 50,000 students that attend York University.

The union representatives will meet tomorrow at 8:30 AM at their strike headquarters, 635 Petrolia Road to hold a briefing before their demonstration starts at the picket lines at York University.

For further information, please check the CUPE Local 3903 Website. Also, please check the York University Senate website on how this effects students.

Please keep tuned for further updates at Design, Photograph, Communicate.

According to the latest numbers, out of 728 members present, 199 voted no, 522 voted yes, while 9 members abstained.


5 Responses to "CUPE 3903 Goes On Strike"

woah, da rukus.

oh yeah, dix. oh yea. hardcore rukus.

Post more N00DZ.

dixpix 4 strike plz

These colds are going around, Chris. Just about all of us in my home have gotten a cold lately. Get some rest and get well soon.

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