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CUPE 3903 Strike Update

Posted on: November 6, 2008

I have just come from the first day of the CUPE 3903 strike at the Sentinel and Assiniboine entrance of the York University, Keele Campus. There are roughly 60 TA’s positioned at this spot. Some are making music, some are demonstrating with their banners and posters, while many others are incharge of security and traffic barricades. From what I have seen, the demonstration is very professional. There are no rioting individuals, the music is calm and peaceful, and the members are very courteous and open to discussion. Each person I have seen so far is smiling.

The drivers of the vehicles are also very supportive. From what one of the TA’s have said, they do not want the strike to go on long. This shows that they understand the repercussions of the strike and their responsibilities towards students. At the same time it is imperative that the administration and students understand these consequences.

I says students because it was disheartening to see some members of a rented house at the Village on Assiniboine road standing on their balconies with a big bed sheet saying, “Fuck u, TA’s.” It is a rather unfortunate site which demonstrates that even now, students do not understand what this is all about. While conversing with two TA’s at the intersection, the gentleman asked why I thought they were against the TA’s. While I said this was ignorance of the gravity of the situation, the gentleman (whose name has been withheld) noted that perhaps they are just having their own fun. In fact, students should be relieved since the strike came about just at the apex of the school semester and the strike has averted students to take drastic measures due to the extension of deadlines for assignments and exams.

The other TA standing next to the gentleman recommended that we still keep abreast with the coursework and catch up in the case that we are lagging behind.

Photographs will be up soon. For updates, please keep tuned in to Design, Photograph, Communicate.


10 Responses to "CUPE 3903 Strike Update"


Thanks for the updates.

Here’s something that I too find really disappointing!
Rise of egocentricity, Fall of Altruism.

what exactly am i looking at? the students aren’t wrong either. It’s a lose-lose situation. Look at the blog tomorrow evening, I had a very interesting conversation with the admin staff as well.

Keep the updates coming. I hope you guys all get to go back to school pretty soon!

yes the updates will be there. pictures coming up as we speak actually.

hey destogate hater…FUCK YOU.

hey destogate …FUCK YOU.

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