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CUPE 3903: The Second Day

Posted on: November 8, 2008

It was a cool, wet afternoon. The CUPE 3903 members however were still at strike, ever strong. There was a little less spirit that I saw.

A Cupe 3903 member asked a bunch of us if we were there to support the picket lines. We would have to sign in so as to deter and keep track of “strike busters.” These guys come in pretending to be members of CUPE and they start leading the strike away. Didn’t make sense to me. I was asked to sign in so as to make sure I was not a strike buster or undercover guy.

Wow. Disturbing as it was, I spoke a little more about this to the individual who spoke to me about this (name withheld). Just so people know, you are not legally obliged to support the picket lines, the TAs or have to give out any of your personal information including your name if you choose not to. The property they are striking on is right on the outskirts of the campus and as such is public property. Inside campus, you are protected by the private boundaries of the campus and as such may retaliate by informing the CUPE member that it is illegal to solicit and strike within private property.

There were a lot of supporters, however, who showed up at the strike. Some were from founders, some from student clubs, and some just honking their horns waving and showing support to the TAs.

There was also an incident at the York Gate entrance where a York Police officer had come to question and perhaps file an incident report regarding some scuffle. A TA was informed that he need not give his name to anyone and that the picket lines he was on was entirely legal. The TA looked shook up but he got back into the groove of things eventually.

And oh yeah! There were free Smarties being distributed to supporters! haha!

Here are some pictures from the Cook Road and York Gate entrances. For further updates, please keep tuned into Design, Photograph, Communicate.


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Free Smarties i am going to protest next time

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