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CUPE 3903: The Third Day

Posted on: November 11, 2008

So, more photographs at the bottom. It was an interesting day. Bloody cold, I say and the guys and girls were still on the picket lines. They really do believe in their cause. I noted there was a problem though. Not everyone goes up to the media and public relations of CUPE 3903 to talk to them. I spoke to a GA today and he did not seem so sure of what was going on outside the picket lines. He signed up for duty because they needed people till the end. The first day there weren’t too many people and the lines closed an hour earlier than scheduled. However, I think it is important that everyone on the picket lines knows exactly what’s going on so they can talk to people. As usual, they were very well calculated and professional. When spirits were getting low, they put on music! From what I understand there is a meeting either tomorrow or Wednesday after which there will be further updates, however, I do not see both parties on the bargaining table for at least another week or so.

Oh and I thoroughly dig the new CUPE scarves (look at pictures)

Without further delay, pictures:

The Absinthe Pub, the Junior Common Room, Complex One Cafeteria are all open! Drop in!


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