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When Your System Works For Yourself

Posted on: December 29, 2008

There was a point during my latter teenage years where I used to question how seemingly noble services such as Facebook and My Space afford to stay in business, and if they even were businesses for that matter.

Today, I know part of the answer to this multi-dimensional question. This does not, obviously mean that the services provided are not noble. In fact, they have gone a long way in revolutionizing the way we communicate, redefining notions of “real” life.

To the point again. When I started blogging, I had no content. Whatever content I would put up would receive very few views. However, the content, I would make sure would be properly produced. This meant keeping in mind the basics of the english language, structuring, and coherence. Today, about two years after I started blogging, I blog much less, however, my blog receives more and more hits as the months go by without having to do much work. The key word here is content. Today, WordPress’ statistics reveal with relation to my blog, that those posts which receive the most hits are those that are rich in quality and in hot topics in our culture. The most obvious ones are related to the iPhone. Others include Sufi pratices, culture jamming, Fahrenheit 9/11, and the political agendas of the media in Pakistan.

I realize that after a certain point, my content works for me to generate traffic. The effor that I put in my content months ago, has now yielded results. The services that Facebook and My Space provide make it a hot spot for advertisments and other services. A springboard, if you will. While the monetary value of the ideas themselves might be very significant, equally significant is the value of the archive of content. Today, I can put up advertisements on my blog and generate a decent amount of pocket money.

In the end? Content is King. But Quality Content is the Righteous King


6 Responses to "When Your System Works For Yourself"

“Quality Content is the Righteous King”

Amen. No matter what all the SEO people and marketers say, it’s not about how you game the system, but how much value you deliver to people. And you’re delivering value Tabish…so keep it up!

I love you vasta, that means a lot to me. listen, i feel i havent clarified myself to you and you took me the wrong way. allow me to explain whenever you have time okay buddy:)

I try to produce good content, then I’ll throw in a few random posts that are definitely not great in content, but are more intended for the approximately 10 subscribers that I have.

Should I go back and delete the crappy posts to ensure my blog contains only good content? Even though I rarely check my stats and I write mainly for my own enjoyment, it would be nice to have a blog that is full of decent content as opposed to good content being mixed in with the crap.

@thisdevil, long time buddy. That’s the beauty of social media! You don’t need to have content that will only benefit people in terms of academics or professional stuff. You know what I mean? It’s also about being able to put yourSELF into it and to make content seem less cold and more heartfelt, more in touch with the human side, more so it can relate to other people and in turn people can not only relate to your content, but you as an important, citizen journalist and member of society 🙂

Also what Sameer Vasta does is he uses his tumblog, Squandrous ( as a dumping arena, but his professional blog is at


Both are really a type of dumping ground, actually. I just try and provide original content on one, and just link to interesting content on the other. =)

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