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Twittering Facebook

Posted on: January 7, 2009

What would be an interesting thing to observe, I think is to have twitter like status updates on facebook, instead of the commenting. For example, in reply to Jane’s status, I would change my status, by saying @Jane

This would be an interesting thing to watch since it would no longer be a status change. I wonder what the implications of this would be (other than the flooded RSS feed).


2 Responses to "Twittering Facebook"

One of the basic logistical problems behind that is that there are no unique usernames on Facebook. So if I say @John, that could mean any one of the 73 John or Johnathans I have on my Facebook list. In the end, we’d have to write @3453023450 or whatever everyone’s unique identifier number is, which not only makes it confusing, but gets rid of the personal nature of the medium.

very interesting point, Vasta, never thought about it that way. ūüôā By the way, I have another post coming up I think you should read.

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