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What Keeps You Going – A Reflection

Posted on: January 18, 2009

Recently, on my LinkedIn profile, I was looking at the questions people had asked and I came across one by Steven Burda, who asked about what our goals are and what keeps us going. Most of the answers I read were very open and very little self-reflexive. I wanted to however, share my answer with the rest of you, which is as follows:

Hi Steven,

This is a brilliant question to ask that encourages certain reflexive dialogue. What keeps me going is rooted in a foundational principle. This principle is excitement. Everyday, I forget about the problems I have, focussing on how exciting life is! This makes me want to do exciting things!

There’s a key element that builds on top of this foundational principle. This is personal and professional growth. When you have nothing to worry about, or are too large for worry, you want to push yourself in a fun, enthusiastic way to explore your frontiers.

It is also important to me to make a difference, to apply my understanding and both internalize and externalize the positive impact of thinking and feeling this way. This introduces the notion of meritocracy. It wants to make me want to be a meritocrat. I stop worrying about the “cut throat competition” because it inevitably becomes my nature to be excellent at what I do. When I reflect back on what I have accomplished, I am thankful and I look forward with even greater excitement. This becomes an enlightened way of being.

I hope this has been enlightening for you.


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