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Reorientation 2009 – York University

Posted on: January 23, 2009

The following comes from Mr. Paul Swarney c/o Brenda Spotton

Here’s Brenda Spotton’s summary of our session on Wednesday.

1) There is no fixed date defined now beyond which a) students will “lose” their
year, and/or b) lose the summer term.

2) Students with a summer (May +) commitments should seek accommodation via a
deferred standing agreement with the instructor;l work out problems with the
Associate Dean.

3) Students won’t/can’t be told classes resume one day and then expected to
submit assignments/sit exams the very next day.

4) Students will graduate when they complete their program requirements; June
convocation will proceed once the Winter term is completed (n.b. having a date
set asap is important for planning to students with family coming from abroad).

5) Students expecting to take a course or two in the summer to complete their
degree requirements should contact the chair of the dept/Associate Dean of the
faculty once we know the dates and offerings of the summer term.

6) The Registrar has been in contact with all other Canadian universities to let
them know grades will be delayed and will write a letter to foreign
programs/universities explaining the situation, if asked.

7) Student Financial Services is the place to take up a financial petition–but
noting that the deadline for refunds passed before the strike started and the
lost course time will be made up (minus 1 week of 12).

8) YFS is taking up a student petition for partial tuition refund.

9) plus questions about metro passes, residence, and extra expenses …

Brenda Spotton Visano
School of Public Policy and Administration
York University
Toronto ON Canada M3J 1P3


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thanks bro!

you’re welcome ūüôā

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