Perception Is Reality

On Knowledge

Posted on: March 19, 2009

Beyond a certain point, knowledge is no longer created. It unfolds. As knowledge progresses, it becomes less temporal and exoteric. Temporal and exoteric knowledge deals with social schemas, themes, frames, and ideologies. This sort of knowledge is subject to creation and recreation.

As knowledge progresses to incorporate more universal understanding, it becomes less localized, and therefore less exoteric. By nature, it progresses to higher levels. It becomes esoteric and comes from the inside. It incorporates more and more of the world in which we live and the world which is within us. This knowledge is timeless and irrefutable.

Therefore, knowledge unfolds. It has always existed, always will. It is not a result of circumstance. It is nether right, nor wrong. In fact, it transcends these notions. Pay no heed, then, to the pseudo intellectual indulgences of the mind. However, shun not those minds that indulge in these thoughts. In due time, they will understand the humbug nature of the circles they walk in and exceed boundaries.

There, one has transcended.


“Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field; I’ll meet you there” ~Rumi


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