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Effective Functioning of Institutions

Posted on: May 11, 2009

I have been the Editor of the Winters Free Press for roughly a year now. The Press is owned by the Winters College Council which looks over the finances of the Press. The Council also has severwfplogodavidal departments (or smaller versions of them), including finance, internal affairs, social-cultural, sports, etc.

Often times there is a conflict between the departments of the institutions which are in a constant tug-of-war, trying to accomplish their tasks.

Why does the tug of war exist? In the year that I have been editor, I have understood the issue to be of clarity and proactive engagement. Or lack thereof. It is essential that the various portfolios communicate their issues to each other to work out an efficient solution that works for both parties. The aim should be to utilize capacity efficiently, and to develop more capacity where the need exists.

If the problems are not approached in such a method, a system failure could result. It is also discouraging for members of institutions to see that their efforts are in vain, and their professional growth is being hindered, along with the growth of the organization.

Dalton Kehoe, a professor at York University and a consultant at Heart of The Matter teaches various organizational communication and interpersonal communication courses in order to bring more awareness about such issues, and perhaps come to solutions. Kehoe also imparts knowledge and understanding through his very practical workshops, including Appreciative Inquiry, D.I.A.L.O.G.U.E. talk, Leadership for Engagement, and so on. I believe that principles and values these workshops impart are fundamental to effective functioning of an organization.

My understand is this: if organizations do not find within their fundamental principles, the need (and consistent efforts) for efficiency and growth, they are simply not worth the time, effort, money, or manpower that is put in them. In a world with limited resources, it is essentially pertinent that organizations understand its internal workings to achieve harmony. Just like the various organs in the body.


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