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Not Tweeting? Here’s What You’re Missing Out On

Posted on: March 27, 2010

Here’s the entire history of media technology. In two sentences.

In the past, history has shown us that societies organized themselves around technologies. Current trends in social media show us that the new technologies have become so flexible, that we can organize them the way we already are, simply because the current cycle of societal reorganization has been completed.

The Short Version

Get on Twitter. now. If you’re already on it, start using it. Actively. While you’re at it, follow me, @TabishB. Don’t know who else to follow? Read this article on how to find people to follow.

The 140 Version

Okay, so this version is longer than 140 characters. But it’s worth reading.

As I mentioned earlier, societies used to organize themselves around media. And we still do today. Except, this only happens when a major change in media comes. So the internet was a major change, but the new technologies are so radical, that they are morphable. Due to its simple nature, Twitter has achieved complex functions. It’s like the sharpest Ockham’s Razor you will come across.

You may have heard that Twitter is great for networking, getting news, yadda yadda. This is only the tip of the iceberg and a very generalized notion. It isn’t enough for you to understand the power that you truly wield. Therefore, several of my friends/colleagues who happen to be on Twitter gave their insight on how they’ve aligned the technology to themselves, instead of aligning themselves to the technology. These friends, mind you, started off with no followers. But communities were formed around similar topics, and lo and behold, we built momentum.

RRSP At No Cost!

The entertaining, and engaging @clickflickca uses Twitter like an RRSP. Investing in different people, he’s been able to grow value through them to benefit both. A win-win situation! This is good PR! Clickflickca also practices #ICE: Interact, Communicate, Engage which is what social media is all about!

Roommate Found!

While Roomster, and Easy Roommate, might be great services, they’re a thing of the past. Our friend @AdamVincenzini of Paratus Communications and The Comms Corner actually found his roommate, Laurence (@blogtillyoudrop) through Twitter! Now, that’s really cool! Whoever claimed a stark difference between “online” and “real” friends, clearly haven’t met these two!

Causes, Anyone?

Whether its the fight against Thalassemia or a consolidated effort to eradicate global poverty, Twitter is great for mobilizing the community. @blessedAyesha has done just that. She has harnessed the power of social media to raise awareness about Thalassemia not only in Pakistan, but abroad. The world truly comes together, and a movement that’s gaining a lot of momentum in Pakistan, is working to building momentum for the same cause elsewhere. Let me hear you say, “synergy!”

Speaking of Synergy…

My #BeMyGuest guest (what a tongue twister!) @ThePRView uses Twitter to add to his social media prowess by cross-promoting his blog. And as a student, it has allowed him to gain valuable work experience and understanding of Twitter’s use for Crisis Management!

Whats Next?

It’s quite evident that Twitter can really get things done for you, if you know what you want. Ask yourself this:

What is my goal? What task would I like to accomplish? How can I leverage Twitter to do this?

Of course, the answers will come as you begin to immerse yourself in the company of blue birds. They’re still coming to me! How do YOU use Twitter?


2 Responses to "Not Tweeting? Here’s What You’re Missing Out On"

I think this post is great! I think Twitter will continue to evolve. The best part about Twitter is continuing and extending the connections online to offline relationship. ROI cannot be measured on the connections and friendships you make. It’s invaluable. Good stuff!

I agree with you. I think though, as we begin to understand our use of Twitter, we will come up with metric instruments to calculate certain aspects of ROI. However, the key is to understand that it may not be similar to traditional media. We may be able to appropriate certain metric terminology and calculations from traditional media, but we will definitely see it in a different light, a different vantage point.

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