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Pete Codella: Online Newsroom

Posted on: March 30, 2010

Pete Codella, of Codella Marketing has an interesting video up on MyRaganTV about online newsrooms:

What Every Media Site Should Have

I am a very strong advocate of online newsrooms and I understand that generally having a presence online is one of the best things you can do. Why is this? Well, One of the reasons is that it costs close to nothing to build your brand online, specially with free social media services. This is especially great for students attempting to stand out for prospective employers.

There’s many other reasons that Pete Codella himself highlights in the video as benefits of having an online presence, and no wonder he has a successful, unique service, called NewsCactus. Just look at what NewsCactus clients are saying (navigate the website, as you learn more about the service).

However, there’s some things I disagree with. For one, Codella says,

“the more baskets your information is in, the more opportunities you have to rank high…”

It’s marvelous if a company can put its eggs in multiple baskets. But it only works when the company has enough eggs to show. More baskets mean less eggs per basket, and the less visible they are.

If a company uses all the social media and uses their website or other online presence as a center point of consolidation, this is good. But there are two issues that one must take into account:

  1. Can you keep up with the need to constantly update your various presences with relevant information?
  2. Is it feasible, or even necessary? In other words, do you have a following, or a target market that you can reach by expanding across the multiple networks.

It should go without saying, that a company must build its multiple networks one by one (or simultaneously if it is affordable, and meets the conditions mentioned above.

It is a really progressive idea to get involved in all facets and be everywhere, but in a situation of crisis, it may become much more unmanageable.

A simple example is the very prominent Australian bank, BankWest. BankWest has multiple YouTube accounts. EverydayOlympics has been stagnant for over a year now, and HappyBanking has been quiet for an equally long time. This is the same with their Twitter account.

The idea is, if it doesn’t need to be done, don’t do it. It’s Ockham’s Razor of sorts. And while I admire Pete Codella’s unique online newsroom service, I believe that being ubiquitous doesn’t work all the time.


2 Responses to "Pete Codella: Online Newsroom"

Thank you for your thoughtful post, Tabish. My comments about an online newsroom as one of the many eggs in your online basket come from the perspective of having a goal to maximize search and presence online. I agree with you that too many different platforms can become unwieldy for some. I’ve also seen examples, particularly in times of crisis, when not having a social media presence is a detriment because there’s no easy, already established channel in which to communicate. If companies and organizations already have a following on Twitter and fans on Facebook and loyal blog readers, those platforms become an extension of their crisis management outreach. Regardless of involvement in social media, I’m an avid supporter of an online newsroom with an RSS feed and social media sharing tools that augments and supports a primary website. The best to you, Pete.

Hi, Pete.

Thank you for your engaging comments.

I definitely agree with you on all points, specially the one you make about platforms becoming an extension of their crisis management outreach. I believe we’re on the same page, and as an analogy of what I meant, I would’ve said that if one were ambidextrous (you had your traditional AND social media), it would be a wonderful thing to be able to use both hands to accomplish something efficiently and rapidly. On the other hand, if one’s dominant hand was the left (traditional media), and they tried to write with their right hand (social media), without training it first, they would be all over the place. Of course this analogy is far from perfect, however, I hope I made my case.

And I agree, your support and keen insight really shows through the video and the solutions that you offer. Augmentation is key for me, as well.

Thanks for dropping by, Pete, I appreciate it!

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