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Help a PR Pro Out

Posted on: April 27, 2010

Hello PR Colleagues!

Many of you may have heard about the multiple Public Relations chats on Twitter, such as #PRStudChat and #HAPPO. I want to take a couple of lines to talk about #HAPPO, and a new initiative, #HappoCAN

Essentially, #HAPPO is about helping people network and find jobs in the PR Industry. It was started by Valerie Simon and Arik Hanson, two brilliant PR professionals, but more importantly, two of the most important community members with a passion to grow, learn, share and impart knowledge and information. Kudos!

This is a wonderful thing! There are many opportunities and just as many success stories.

Why #HappoCAN?

#HAPPO has been great, and it continues to grow. And it has focused mainly on the USA. As #HAPPO grows, I strongly identify a need for something similar in Canada. Because there are very few opportunities that are Canadian, they get buried in the extensive amount of information. Also, because #HAPPO is identified more and more with the States, I feel that it deters Canadian PR pros from participating in the conversation.

Enter #HappoCAN. If you’re a Canadian, residing in Canada or abroad, or if you’re an international citizen, looking for PR opportunities in Canada, #HappoCAN is for you. Because this only works if everyone participates and identifies with this need, your participation is crucial!

Please help spread the word about #HappoCAN and join the initiative. Because Canada Can!

#HAPPO is taking place this 4/30. Please join us for the Tweet chat!


4 Responses to "Help a PR Pro Out"

Thanks for the kind words and your support, Tabish! Would love to see more participation and support north of the border. Please make sure to connect with Danny Brown and Dave Fleet, our champions in Toronto. They may be able to help, too.

And, I love the #happocan idea!


Thanks Arik! I really appreciate it! Please help spread the word! I’ll contact Danny and Dave in the morning! 🙂

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