Perception Is Reality


     Born in Karachi, Pakistan in an Adventist hospital, I grew up in a city where on one side I experienced poverty and opression, while on the other I had the good fortune of Tabish Bhimanibeing a member of an upper middle-class business family. From the time that I understood that I existed as a separate entity than other people and things that surrounded me, I believed that I was destined to do great things. I began to explore myself as an individual.

     Fast forward (more than) a few years later, I am a university student in York University Canada, my major being Communication Studies. I still believe that I’m destined to do great things. I pride myself in my skills as a self-taught photographer, graphic designer, somewhat of a writer and a self-proclaimed leader. Although I admit, I had a little help here and there along the way. Under my belt (amongst various things) I run my own new media firm.

     I am a collection of my experiences, mistakes, and endeavours. I am Tabish Bhimani of Karachi, Pakistan.


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Hey, clicked through from your blogTO comment. Your description of experiencing both poverty and comfort rings true with me, though on entirely different grounds given our entirely different backgrounds. (There’s more about that on my personal blog.)

This is a very interesting blog and I am glad to have found it
cheers and keep up the good work

Raza Rumi @

interesting and diversified site! enjoyed going through the sub-topics…only small request would be to make your font a bit darker! being an photo-journalist -artist, i did like some of the art work you have covered.

cheers, shaheen sultan dhanji

Thank you Shaheen 🙂

Hi Tabish!

I am glad to see your blog.. i was at the metroblogging karachi and saw your name there.

Keep it up with your posts.. your views have really impressed me.

I really wanna know how you developed such a blog. Is that your own work or just a template? I am planning to develop blogsites for the groups which i belong to.

I hope you have recognized me as one of your class mates in Karachi.

Hussain Zaidi


I like your approach with this blog. I feel that it is inevitable we should become multi-skilled and my studies , like your own, have helped this to develop.

For me the struggle is how to negotiate so much content. And the next battleground is for the interface which gives us true connectivity and ubiquitous computing.

The most revealing finds of my degree were Judith Williamson: Understanding Advertising / Adorno: Culture as mass deception/ Edward Bernays: Propaganda and the work and photographs of Baudrillard

I also found this very helpfull

I would like to invite you to help predict the future of the web at

Once you have made a comment, I will add you as a contributor.

Best wishes and good luck!

Super blog Tabish. It’s my first time today and will return. You have lots of talent from what I see.

Good luck


Hey Karim,

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. I won’t be updating for a week since I’m moving places, but I will be sure not to disappoint you 🙂

Hey Tabish,

I was just putting in some brainstorming time into online promotion of Jesus: The Awkward Years and I thought I’d drop you a line.

Would you be able to send me an e-mail with some links to sites and articles to get me started? Any advice you have would also be greatly appreciated.


Hey Chris,

I was just about to message you letting you know I haven’t forgotten haha! I’m going to start working on piling up stuff for you to go through.Keep nudging me though otherwise I’ll slack off.

good work 🙂

I am impressed.

keep up the good work…would love feedback on my blog:

Hey wassup bro,

Nice blog i was searching york university then i saw my name and then i was searching everyone else in the ISA and i got to you and saw your blog :P… Hope to see you soon at York!


thanks bud. i havent worked on it for a while though, so excuse the old content 🙂

Bookmarked you.

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Born in Karachi, Pakistan in an Adventist hospital, I grew up in a city where on one side I experienced poverty and oppression, while on the other I had the good fortune of Tabish Bhimani being a member of an upper middle-class business family...more...

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