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The CUPE 3903 strike has been reminiscent of an element of our society that is highlighted by capitalism. We are never grateful, let alone satisfied with what we have. We do not take responsibility for our circumstances, blaming them on others. With CUPE3903’s demands, this became very obvious in their case. Two things I would like to highlight here:

1. Freedom of speech should not become a license (as remarked by His Highness the Prince Karim Aga Khan).
2. This is demonstrated in the current scenario we find ourselves in and highlights the onset of a failing democratic method.

I would like to share with you a few words regarding this from my memoir and would like to see if you can relate.

“Perhaps the most important thing in my life that has shifted energies from negativity to positivity has been gratitude. I have been through a phase where I have been extremely insecure, believing that I was not good enough for anyone or anything. I would externalize my problems, blaming circumstances for them. Little did I realize at that point that this discontentment came not from outside, but from within. The principal factor in my dissatisfaction with life had been my ungratefulness. It had become a rote routine to be thankful. To say it, to repeat it without meaning it. To friends, to strangers, to God. When I realized the power of gratitude, my perception of life changed. My vantage point had shifted. From externalizing my problems, to internalizing my satisfaction, I was grateful. A major transformation in literally minutes, sustained over long periods. For this reason, I call this gratitude, ‘Goditude.’ “

I cannot emphasize how detrimental the affects of this strike have been. Yet, I can proudly say that it has given me time and the opportunity to grow and develop. It has brought about significant change in my life. I think that this was a necessary event in my life. Perhaps, an intervention of sorts by God. No education could have given me the strength and understanding that I have now had it not been the strike.

I believe it is time to take a hard look at the situation, as students, as the contract faculty, and as the administration at York University. This time, however, let us look at ourselves. As members of an institution, of a democratic union. As individual members of society. Let us take a look at history to see how we have failed the democratic process. Let us be thankful for what we have, and shift our energies to the positive aspects of our life.

Enter Cliche: Obama talks about hope and change. Lets talk about hope and change. Within ourselves, for ourselves. Let us trust ourselves, perhaps. As theRock Obama said,

know your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy



Let us build a capable, competent society, a strong democracy, uniting bridges.


The TIME magazine and 4-bar Twix: A great combination, indeed. Whenever I take an international flight, whether it be down to the United States or across the Atlantic to Pakistan, I usually pick up these two items. It’s a ritual. Picking up the magazine from the airport means that you get the latest issue – before it’s even released. And this issue was of particular importance: It was TIME magazine’s 100 most influential people.

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