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Dear HAPPO community,

I would like to sincerely thank you for the support and warm welcome you have given to me as the Montreal champion for Help a PR Pro Out (HAPPO on Twitter). I only hope and pray that I can continue what innovative visionaries, Valerie Simon and Arik Hanson have started, growing the community in Canada, via the #HappoCAN tag.

Please share your expertise, advice, opinions, and words of wisdom with me as I embark on this journey along with fellow team mates, Steven Wang and Bryan Cromlish.

I have a request: HAPPO has grown thanks to the phenomenal participation of community members. It is only through your participation and assistance that we can get the Canadian community running. Even if you aren’t in Canada, you can help! Just spread the word to your Canadian colleagues: whether they are leaders in the PR industry, or students who will be future leaders. Let the world know. It is our responsibility to the communities that have given us so much to give back by fostering their growth. Your participation is directly the cause of this growth.

So as we brace for HAPPO 4/30 Let us remember, that Canada Can! Also join the HAPPO LinkedIN group. It is a great opportunity to network and will significantly increase your chances to make lasting connections and set you on your path to a brilliant, exciting, and engaging new career!


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