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Hi, friends!

Summer’s nearly in full bloom and many of us will have a little extra time to spare. If you haven’t found a job or an internship, fret not. This is an opportune time to prepare yourself even further for the next best opportunity. If anything, it’s a great time to improve your personal knowledge. So here’s 5 ways to what I call, PPP (Personal and Professional Progress).

1. Watch a TED video

Many of you know of  TED. In their own words, they are ideas worth spreading. Watch at least one video a week. You will learn something knew. And the remaining 6 days will allow  you to internalize what you have learned. Make an active effort to think about the implications of the ideas that are discussed.

Recommend,Pattie Maes and Pranav Mistry demo SixthSense.”

2. Follow a Tweet Chat

I’m a big advocate of twitter. I have only recently begun using it, and already I have gained significant benefit from it. To gain the most benefit, follow a tweet chat. It’s where people with like minded interests come together and interact. Try to follow at least one, but no more than three. Don’t overwhelm yourself with an excess of information. Steady flow of information is good for you to be able to process it. This isn’t a race.

Recommend, #PRStudChat. Also follow #HAPPO (or #HappoCAN if you’re in Canada).

3. Volunteer

Giving of your money is generous. It’s wonderful! Keep doing it. But giving your time and knowledge is greater. This summer, participate in at least one charity event. Whether its a walk, a hike, or otherwise. Volunteer your skills and experience to the cause.

Recommend, World Partnership Walk in Montreal on the 6th of June, 2010.

4. Meet with old friends

It’s important to have a good time. To go back to those roots which at one time refreshed and rejuvenated you. There are high chances that you will recall those emotions and feelings of joy and contentment connecting back. This will definitely allow you to view things with a rekindled perspective. Equally importantly, the old friends that you meet might be your lead in to the industry you want to work in. They will not only be your gateway to goodness past, but also your progressive future. Follow up.

Recommends, A day long excursion at the Old Port in Montreal and/or a barbecue atop Mont Royal.

5. Treat yourself to solitude.

Some people call this meditation. Spending time alone with yourself in an active manner is necessary for an even healthier progress. The best communicators to respond effectively are the best listeners. Listen to your body and to your spirit. You will be armed with knowledge and will be able to respond appropriately. It is also good for your physical body. Furthermore, it is good to build patience, concentration, and persistence.

Recommends, a minimum of 15 minutes daily learning to relax your body by mentally stating to each body part to relax. Follow this with any visualization of achieving a personal or professional goal. Always imagine the goal in the here and now. Something done is better than something in the process of being done.

Do these things and you’re one step closer to self-actualization.


Dear HAPPO community,

I would like to sincerely thank you for the support and warm welcome you have given to me as the Montreal champion for Help a PR Pro Out (HAPPO on Twitter). I only hope and pray that I can continue what innovative visionaries, Valerie Simon and Arik Hanson have started, growing the community in Canada, via the #HappoCAN tag.

Please share your expertise, advice, opinions, and words of wisdom with me as I embark on this journey along with fellow team mates, Steven Wang and Bryan Cromlish.

I have a request: HAPPO has grown thanks to the phenomenal participation of community members. It is only through your participation and assistance that we can get the Canadian community running. Even if you aren’t in Canada, you can help! Just spread the word to your Canadian colleagues: whether they are leaders in the PR industry, or students who will be future leaders. Let the world know. It is our responsibility to the communities that have given us so much to give back by fostering their growth. Your participation is directly the cause of this growth.

So as we brace for HAPPO 4/30 Let us remember, that Canada Can! Also join the HAPPO LinkedIN group. It is a great opportunity to network and will significantly increase your chances to make lasting connections and set you on your path to a brilliant, exciting, and engaging new career!

Hello PR Colleagues!

Many of you may have heard about the multiple Public Relations chats on Twitter, such as #PRStudChat and #HAPPO. I want to take a couple of lines to talk about #HAPPO, and a new initiative, #HappoCAN

Essentially, #HAPPO is about helping people network and find jobs in the PR Industry. It was started by Valerie Simon and Arik Hanson, two brilliant PR professionals, but more importantly, two of the most important community members with a passion to grow, learn, share and impart knowledge and information. Kudos!

This is a wonderful thing! There are many opportunities and just as many success stories.

Why #HappoCAN?

#HAPPO has been great, and it continues to grow. And it has focused mainly on the USA. As #HAPPO grows, I strongly identify a need for something similar in Canada. Because there are very few opportunities that are Canadian, they get buried in the extensive amount of information. Also, because #HAPPO is identified more and more with the States, I feel that it deters Canadian PR pros from participating in the conversation.

Enter #HappoCAN. If you’re a Canadian, residing in Canada or abroad, or if you’re an international citizen, looking for PR opportunities in Canada, #HappoCAN is for you. Because this only works if everyone participates and identifies with this need, your participation is crucial!

Please help spread the word about #HappoCAN and join the initiative. Because Canada Can!

#HAPPO is taking place this 4/30. Please join us for the Tweet chat!

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