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I apologize for having taken so long for this post. I’ve been tied up with university stuff.

On the plus side, here’s an interesting topic: Persistence of vision.

This term refers to a theory in science in which an image that the eye is sees stays on the retina for a brief time period until it is replaced with another image.
In Film, this theory led to the creation of “motion pictures” as we know them. By tricking the eye, a number of images could be presented to a subject and, by this theory, they would not see the images as static, rather as moving, giving this illusion of motion. This is where all the film making or motion picture finds its roots.

Barsam, in his book “Reality Perceived and Recorded” talks about this theory and technologies associated with it. He talks about the devices invented to show motion, by scientific (mostly for scientific purposes).

Persistence of Vision may be explained through the initial work of the Lumiere Brothers in their film about the men breaking down the building, particularly the brick wall. This was a first motion picture.

Another example, also by the Lumiere Brothers is the train arriving at the train station. This again, demonstrated this scientific theory using projection and filming apparatus.


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