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In the last issue of the Winters Free Press (March Edition), I began a section called Meeting the Fellows. Who are Fellows?

Fellows are chosen from both inside the University community and outside in the world beyond the campus boundaries. They are selected on the basis of the contribution they can make to the academic, intellectual and artistic life of the Winters community

Who are fellows? (Winters College)

Most people however, are not aware of who the fellows are and what their role is. Each month we (try to) introduce a fellow by either interviewing them, or writing an article about the work they do. This allows both the students to recognize who the fellows are and what they stand for, and it allows for the appreciation of the revered members of our community.

The March issue had the following article. Please click the image for the full version. Stay tuned for more. If you would like to contribute to the Winters Free Press, please leave a message here and we will get in touch with you.

Onnig Cavoukian


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