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It is a very arduous task, if not impossible, to affirm whether it is the privately or publicly owned media that facilitate democracy and act as a counterweight to institutions of power. The reason in part is the existence of various schools of thought on notions of the public sphere, the constitution of democracy, and cultural hegemony. Another facet of this conundrum draws from the problems of cultural integration and dominant ideologies, and how they are very intricately connected to these notions of democracy and publicity. In this paper, the author will attempt to discuss the differing schools of thought on the public sphere, moving on to discuss the nature of both the public and private media, drawing a conclusion as to which form serves a democratic way of social life.

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Posted on: March 5, 2008

“We have taken up the annoying habit of linking each sporadic act of terrorism to the Muslim world. It is a painful confusion. The Muslim world is made up of 1 billion believers, living in 30 to 40 countries, speaking 500 languages and dialects, people who come from countries which became Muslim – some at the time of the Prophet, others three hundred years later – some speaking Arabic, others that do not. There is no Islamic entity where 1 billion believers interpret and practice their faith in the same manner.”

-Aga Khan IV

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Born in Karachi, Pakistan in an Adventist hospital, I grew up in a city where on one side I experienced poverty and oppression, while on the other I had the good fortune of Tabish Bhimani being a member of an upper middle-class business family...more...

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