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It should be as popular as American Idol: Robert Scoble of Scobleizer, along with his teammates have launched FastCompany.TV.

Robert Scoble is encouraging (as always) for the site to be a medium of two-way communication between the FastCompany team and its viewers. Alongside posting a comment like one would on a blog, Scoble has added a field where one may post a vlog response to a video. This is reminiscent of YouTube, ofcourse. However, Robert mentions that people may post a video response to YouTube and link it to the comments.

The idea of user-generated content is not new: Al Gore’s Current.TV has been at it for several years now with content submitted purely by its users, rated and commented by other members of the Current TV community. What makes FastCompany different, however, is that it is “re-purposing” television. As far as I understand, it is not meant to be content made by members of the community, rather, it is important information that needs to get out where TV’s minute time slots do not suffice.

Good luck to Robert Scoble, and congratulations for this achievement.


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