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Today’s phrase is Consumer Culture! While this may be true of advertising and society, it is also relevant to film studies. Here’s why:

This refers to the society in which consumption of goods is the major theme. In this idea, culture is commodified as an object of trade. Entrepreneurs bank on low self-esteem and make products which are associated with social dimensions such as relationships, socio-economic status and identity.

In film and television, we can relate this to how television is advertising and every program is filled with ads (be it product placement, or during commercial breaks). Television becomes a vehicle for mass consumption, each show being targeted to a specific audience, such as talk shows geared towards the female, and then advertising products related to them such as hygiene-related, food-related products: products for the household.

In the article, “Answering Advertisers’ Prayers,” the author Cashmore talks about how television audiences cannot escape advertising and the way products are advertised (such as Nestlé’s coffee blend) and how television is advertising. The author talks about how advertisers create problems and then create solutions which they sell to the audience as consumers. The author gives insight and further explains using various examples in history and the rationale behind the forms of advertising.

An example of consumer culture is Sex and the City. There is extensive advertising of a particular high lifestyle with dining out a lot, clubbing and expensive clothing.

Another example of consumer culture is Melrose Place which sells the idea of young singles living in a posh apartment in Los Angeles.


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